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Wanted: Asia!

Hi gypsies,

it's been a while so I wanted to share a bit more of my personal stuff with you. And to start with, I wanted to mention this one objective I have that I want to achieve before I turn 26. Let's say, I feel it's something you must have done in a quarter of a century of time.

 I want to visit all 5 continents of the world before that deadline. I know it doesn't mean a lot, 'cause you could visit 5 places to achieve that, but still it's some kind of focus for me. So far, I've already done Europe (a lot of it!), America (only NYC, but that's going to change soon hopefully...) and Africa (Egypt, though not the real black Africa, but geographically still Africa). Oceania (and probably more specifically Australia) will be for next year, but up next is... ASIA!

In September, I'll be going to Thailand and Bali on a very crazy trip with a very crazy travel companion.Surfing in Bali, snorkeling in Koh Tao, playing with tigers and elephants in the north of Thailand...
I can't express how excited I am, but to share a bit of my excitement with you... I'd like to tell you that Etihad Airways is doing a promotion nowadays (for bookings made 'till 31 of August) which makes it possible to book tickets to Bangkok for 500 Euro, departing from Amsterdam! This is really quite cheap, especially if you know that Etihad is one of the best airlines in the entire world, with a very high standard of service, even in Economy class.

So, for the people who want to join us... Check this promotion out! Try different days in September, October, November or December on the Amsterdam - Bangkok - Düsseldorf/Frankfurt route, and you might get surprised :)
An example that worked for us is 8 - 26 September, but there are many more dates!

Bookings are best made directly through Etihad or via ebookers.de . Always double check both to be sure to get the best price available!

Kisses from Gypsyland

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