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Ready for underwater pictures: Nikon S31 underwater camera in my pocket!

Have you ever thought "What do I need to take underwater pictures?" or "Which camera is the best for underwater photography?" Well, I did, and this is how I discovered this little flashy coloured pearl...

I always liked underwater pictures, ever since I discovered the sea. I liked  the breathing bubbles all around us, the silly poses we made and much more! I remember buying a disposable underwater camera just for fun (I think I even have one somewhere in my appartement that is still undeveloped from a vacation with high school friends in Turkey) and waiting for those long waited sea vacations where I could use it, and everybody would laugh at my excitement 'cause they found it silly.

Anyway, today I made a childhood dream reality: I bought my first underwater camera! I was searching for a few years through all the possibilities, but most of them included underwater housings for 'normal' camera's that would cost at least the double of the camera itself, so I actually even dropped the idea for a year or so and told myself that 'the best memories and pictures are in your head anyway'.

Then, by accident, on my trip to New York in February I dropped into a electronics shop on 5th Avenue because we needed an adapter, and I saw a Fujifilm sportcamera that was stated as waterproof. Still, the guy was asking about 200 bucks for it, and I was unprepared and uninformed (and unable to call my photography-genious Daddy!) so I decided not to do it.

Still, after returning to sweet rainy home Belgium, I went to Saturn (the smaller sister of Mediamarket) and next to the Fujifilm thing, which I didn't like at all from the design point of view ( yeah, yeah, I know that's not the most important criterium when you buy a camera, but still... Girls will be girls!) I discovered this cute little Nikon S31 for LESS than 100 Euro. Jawdropping, I tell you. So, though that I didn't buy one right away, I decided that I definetely need one before going on my next vacation including sea. Which is... tomorrow! :)

Soooo, I am really excited to use it, and though it's not so sophisticated and doesn't have a thousand of different scene and shooting modes, I'm sure it's gonna be an amazing friend for sea and summer vacations. It's 5 meter underwater proof, and also shock proof for about 1,5 meter (which I'm gonna try NOT to test, but you never know...).

For my surfing trip, I couldn't imagine better company!!
Fuerteventura, HERE I COME!!!


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