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Fuerteventura welcomes me back...

 Yesterday was the first day back in Fuerteventura ! I can’t explain how nice it is to come back to a place that you know quite good, but still has so many things to offer that you don’t even know about. It feels a bit like home, but then the home of a friend I guess…

It took some time to get to the apartment in Corralejo and drop our baggage, and then we rushed of to the beach to the sun and beach that I longed for so much! The apartment is actually a small studio, but it’s very clean and has the cooking basics, so I can’t complain (especially imagining that we pay 30 Euro per night for a double room which is amazingly cheap).

It’s april, and I declare this year’s beach season OFFICIALLY open!!

Corralejo Beach

So, I enjoyed some sun, went for a swim with my new underwater Nikon S31 camera, but failed to get any nice underwater pictures yet since the water wasn’t very clear because we were just at the side of the harbor. I did see loads of small fishes, and a boy who was trying to catch them with just a line and bread. Can’t wait to discover some good snorkeling spots to finally test this camera to the limit!

Anyway, after the beach we passed by our surfschool, Homegrown, to pay for the classes and make a schedule of our ‘days off’. Robien, the guy who’s responsible of the surf classes is also a Belgian and very nice. He answered all my blonde surfing questions,  and even got us a discount because he appreciates me blogging about their surfschool and the whole ‘first time surfing’ experience.

For dinner, we went to a nice authentically Canarian restaurant just next to our place, Avenida (you can find address and more info on the Place to Be page under “SPAIN > Fuerteventura” ). It had one of the best “paella marinera” (seafood paella)  I’ve ever had, and such a huge portion that we had to ask to take half of home in a doggy bag… Also, their housewine was a delicious one from Catalunya, which instantly makes your meal even better than it already is. And all of that for less than 30 Euro for 2 persons!
Paella Marinera, Restaurant "Avenida" in Corralejo

Guys, really, the ones of you who didn’t visit Fuerteventura shoul DEFINETELY put it on your to-do list!!! Or join me on my next trip, ‘cause no matter that I just arrived here, I’m already thinking about when I could be coming back next time… That’s how amazing this little island is!

So, later I'll write more about the first day of surfing and the whole 'learn how to surf' experience in wonderful Fuerteventura.

Love from one of the beautiful Gypsylands in the world,

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