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Surf's up!

Hi gypsies,

I have a nice proposition to whoever wants to go surfing in the Eastern vacations...
I just booked my tickets and I can't wait for it to be time to go!

10-17 April (2nd week of Eastern vacation)
Fuerteventura, one of the best surfing islands in the entire world
Corralejo, the typical surfing village of the island

Flights are around 100 Euro, depending on where you come from.
You might consider to check slightly different dates, or fly through Barcelona, which might be cheaper in lots of cases. I mean, who'd say no to a day of Barcelona? :)

The price of hotel/appartements depends on the amount of people. Count around 200 Euros for a double room or a small studio with kitchen (so 100 Euro per person if you're two persons).
If we're with more people, we can rent a big villa all for ourselves via Homelidays, making at possibly as cheap as 50 Euro per person for an ENTIRE WEEK!

Optional surfclasses with one of the best surfing schools in Fuerteventura, Homegrown.
Prices are 45 per day, 120 for 3 days or 215 for 6 days of classes, including equipment.

If you're wondering about the weather, last year I was there in the middle of March, and the UV power was around 10, so you can be sure your tan will love it! The temperatures are around 23 degrees, though the water is not at it warmest of the year since it's only the beginning or the season. It is perfect for surfing though, because in the summer months the UV can rise to 12-13, which equals in burning for almost everyone, except if you wear a factor 50 in the water!

Food depends on if you take a hotel and go out for food every night, or if you take a studio and cook for yourself, but food prices in Spain are generally lower than in other EU countries.

Bringing this down to a sunny vacation on the Canary Islands starting from 200 Euros (food excluded, but it's not like you were not going to eat at home anyway :) ) or 320/415 Euros if you want to surf!

Who wants to join??

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