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Free travel tip maps!

Hello gypsies,

today I wanted to tell you all about a nice travelling tool which will help you mark the "to-do's" at your travelling destination, using your own tips, but also the recommendations of your friends and acquaintances.

This service is provided by KLM, the Dutch flight operator. They started a new campaign where they offer you a map with all of the tips and hints, printed AND delivered at your home address. FOR FREE :)

How to do this?

1. Follow this link
2. select your travel destination, zoom in or out on the part that you wish to be printed.
3. Invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail to share their beloved places
4. Once you decide to print it, it will take approximately 3 weeks to get it home...

which means that you better get started before it's too late!! There are still about 14000 maps left :)


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