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Gaeta, a small Italian paradise on the Riviera di Ulisse


This time, I want to share a beautiful place with you, located in the middle of Italy, on the Mediterranean Coast. It's a small town, but actually all of its surroundings are quite enchanting. The first thing about Italy is of course the delicious food, but here you can also find the clearest water on the beaches, and temperatures around 40 degrees in summer.

So... Sabaudia, San Felice Circeo, Sperlonga and Gaeta are four of the biggest villages on this strip of the Mediterranean coast. Still, for me, Gaeta is definetely the pearl between them all. It's not as touristic and expensive as Sperlonga, but still only 10 km away from it. The more south you go, the better the beaches get in general, and also here this rule applies. Gaeta still has the charm of a little village where everybody knows each other, a bit of tranquillity and the beautiful beaches. What else could you want?

San Felice Circeo

If you are looking for a charming place to stay, I can highly recommend "Un Letto a Gaeta", which litterally means "a bed in Gaeta". It is a nice villa, of which the second floor has been refurbished as a small Bed & Breakfast that exists of 3 themed rooms. I slept in the "Vinyl" room, featuring an oldschool vinyl player - just like the name suggested! The rooms are cosy and nicely furnished, and the villa is surrounded by a big garden, where you also find a huge apricot and a fig tree, free for the edible use of every visitor... I guess I don't need to tell you guys that I ended up with a stomach ache after eating at least a kilo of fresh fruit :)

Un Letto a Gaeta

The nicest beach of this region is called "Trecento Gradini", and therefore counts 300 steps! It is quite an effort to get down, but it is more than worth it!By day the beach is perfect to relax, enjoy the refreshing water of the Mediterranean and to catch up on your tan. By night - especially in summer on weekend nights - the beach becomes a big party filled with bunfires, people making music, having a barbeque and even spending the night there in a tent. By sunrise the tents need to go, because the Italian police comes to fine the people who still have a tent standing - officially camping is prohibited on all beaches in Italy (and most of Europe).

In the little town of Gaeta, you will find a good choice of food options, like the typical Napoletan style pizza of "Ciccio", but also many fish restaurants that buy their fish daily fresh from the fishermen of Gaeta's little harbour.

So... This is Gaeta! Hope that at least once in your lifetiñe, you will get to enjoy this beautiful place :)

Greets from Gypsyland,

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