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Rhodos, puppy pictures!

A week ago I came back from my trip to Rhodos... It was wonderful, but since I have exams now I am still waiting to tell youeverything about it. Though, I wanted to show you a part of it already, the part that I remembered the most. More precisely these 5 cute puppies we found near to our hotel, with their fostermom (a dog who found them, and started to care for them, though she was not their biological mom).
These poor 5 fluffy bears were dumped in high grass, next to a road... Unbelievably sad!!

Happily, now they are in a fosterhome shelter, waiting to be adopted!! So if you want one of this cute fluffy hairballs, you can always contact RAWS, the local Rhodes shelter.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rhodes-Animal-Shelter-Kynokomeio-Rodoy-2011/155321621193693 )

Fluffy greets from Gypsyland - WOOF!!

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