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Home is...


... where the heart is. Or at least, that's what they say. Anyway, hereby I welcome you to my blog, Gypsyland. 

If you wonder what Gypsyland is about, you'll have to read it yourself, since saying it's about travelling is really way to shallow in my opinion... 

Don't expect long stories about exotic and farfaraway travels (at least not yet!). Actually, with this blog I want to show people how easy it is to travel, and discover the world around us meanwhile. Because  travel is the only thing you can buy, that makes you richer.

I feel like people underestimate how easy it is to just get away, not so much important to where, just to a place where you get new experiences and impressions of life. Of course an exotic island is almost everyone's dream, but also in a country nearby, or even in a place in your own country where you haven’t been yet, you can get exciting experiences. 

I always get the question from friends and acquaintances where I get the money and time to travel so much. Well, there is just one simple answer. Nothing is impossible, you just have to want it bad enough. And I really do, I want to see the world... All of it!! Or at least try to see and experience as much as possible... 

Anyway, except of telling you about great places to go and crazy travel stories, I will also try to explain some tips and tricks how to get away to fun and amazing places, without spending too much time or money. 
I want to share my travel experiences, just in hope I will make a few of you crave to get away too… 
and travel anywhere, anyhow, anywhen!

Welcome to Gypsyland!

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